River Winds Farm and Estate

Outdoor Wedding

River Wind’s 160-Acre Farm Estate is the Perfect Setting for Any Outdoor Wedding!

If you’re looking for just the right venue for your vision of having an outdoor wedding – how about our 160-acre farm estate! Our large property offers so many options for an outdoor celebration. You can have a large crowd or small group, an intimate gathering or a raucous party, casual nuptials or a formal wedding ceremony.

Aerial view of some of the backyard of the Austin House, Barn and Deck and Our Stone Patio

River Winds has so many outdoor venue options!

  • Indoor-Outdoor in the Event Barn with Walkout Deck
  • Large Stone Patio
  • Manicured Lawn & Perennial Gardens
  • Pergola Arch Under the Apple Tree
  • Down By the Pond
  • Tented Area in Our Huge Yard

We’re Prepared for Weather

There’s so much to love about an outdoor wedding theme. BUT, when you plan an outdoor wedding, you need to have a backup plan in case the weather doesn’t cooperate. Luckily, we have a large event barn, lovely antique farmhouse, and a yard large enough to assemble a large tent – so if the weather should be unfavorable, we’ve got you covered!

River Winds Farm & Estate Offers Many Outdoor And Open Air Spaces For Your Wedding Celebrations

Event Barn & Deck

Our large barn venue has lots of windows and a huge barn door that can be left open for an indoor-outdoor feel. This space also offers the perfect option in case the weather is bad on your wedding day. You can be protected from the rain or hot sun, but enjoy plenty of air circulation and outside views. The Barn also has an attached, spacious deck for your event or for your guests to enjoy. The barn and deck look out over the Estate’s pond and fields, and is a perfect viewing spot the sunset over the Saco River.

Stone Patio

Our outdoor event area include a gorgeous, hand-laid 34’ x68’ stone patio. This area flows right out of the Austin House and off the Barn’s deck. This space is ideal for an outdoor wedding, or a place for your guests to stretch their legs during your event.

Wedding ceremony under the apple trees, pond in the background

Expansive, Manicured Lawns

Some of our stretch of acreage around the Austin House farmhouse and event Barn include a generous stretch of lawn that is flat and well kept. The lawn can host a lovely outdoor wedding ceremony.

Open Areas Perfect for Event Tents

There is plenty of space at River Winds to assemble a large tent for your event. Tents provide protection from the weather, and an open-air feeling at the same time.

Picturesque Pond

Our picturesque pond, just off the backyard and gardens, is a charming spot to say your vows or take wedding photos.

Here are just a few more photos of couples enjoying an outdoor wedding. Please visit our Gallery to view for a more complete tour of River Winds.

Fields, Trails & River Front Acreage

Part of our working horse farm includes acres of haying fields which are a beautiful backdrop for an outdoor wedding. We also have several miles of trails, concluding at the banks of the Saco River, for enjoying or holding a small woodland activity.

River Winds Farm & Estate has the Perfect Spot for Your Outdoor Wedding

When you book your outdoor wedding event at River Winds Farm & Estate, you can choose from any of these outside venues – or all of them! Lots of fresh country air is included!

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