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5 Reasons a Mobile Bar Service is Perfect for Your Party

If you’re planning to host a party, having a mobile bar there to handle all the beverages is a great idea! Mobile bartending services handle all the purchasing, bring all the supplies and barware, and professional bartenders handle all the mixing and serving.

Here are 5 reasons to LOVE having a mobile bar service at your event:

1 – Less Stress

Putting together a party has enough details without having to run around getting beer, wine, liquors and mixers. It’s the last thing you need to be doing. Not to mention – do you know how much to buy of everything?! Then you have to figure out a way to keep all the drinks at the right temperature. You also need to get all the barware, mixing and serving products. A mobile bar rental will handle all these details and they know what they are doing!

2 – Better Bar Management

If you’re providing beverages, you need someone to oversee the bar, otherwise it will become a chaotic mess. A mobile bar service keeps everything you need organized and managed in one place by professional bartenders. This helps control lines, waiting and confusion. Your guests will get served fast and efficiently so they can enjoy your party.

3 – Attractive Mobility

River Winds fun and attractive Sips ‘n Saddles Mobile Bar can create a bar experience (almost) anywhere you like. Whether it’s a pool party in your yard, a wedding reception by the ocean, or “upta camp” in a field – we bring the bar to you. Setup and cleanup is neat and simple, and best of all, not on your shoulders.

4 – Customized Drinks & Cocktails

Because we are professionals in the service and event industry, we can match the theme and vibe of your event. We’ll work with you to come up with creative cocktails, theme drinks, and holiday concoctions. A mobile bar of professional bartenders can really set the mood for your event and take your theme up a notch!

5 – Give Your Guests Something to Remember

No one wants a humdrum event with boring canned drinks. River Winds Mobile Bar Service, Sips ‘n Saddles, guarantees to impress your guests with something innovative and fun. Having a premium bar setup is a surefire way to give your guests first class service and a memorable cocktail that fits the ambiance of your event.

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