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8 Reasons a Family Vacation is Important

Getaways for families are important because they provide a unique opportunity to spend genuine quality time together. We get so busy and distracted by daily life and responsibilities that family time often suffers. Getting away for a family vacation takes you out of your normal routine and into family-focused time to make special memories.

There are so many benefits of taking family vacations that it’s worth putting on your bucket list. Here are some of the primary paybacks:

Unplugging from Routine

Even if you make an effort to get together for family birthdays or Sunday dinners, they can become predictable after a while. The familiarity of repetitive activities establishes set expectations and behaviors, so we don’t really learn anything new about one another. When you get away from your usual family routine, get people out of their comfort zones so to speak, it gives individuals a chance to show up in a different way.

No-Excuse Chance to Get Together

If you’re lacking family time on a regular basis, a family vacation is a great way to really reconnect with your immediate and extended family. When you come together, in a new location, for the set purpose of getting away as a group, it’s harder for people to bail out on group activities.

Create One-of-a-Kind Memories

When you take a family vacation together, it’s putting everyone on a more even playing field. Everyone is experiencing something new. You’ll make one-of-a kind memories that bring you all together and give you stories to share forever.

Strengthen Bonds & Relationships

Dedicated family time together fosters stronger relationships. Spending extended periods of time together, doing things you don’t normally do, builds bonds either through the challenges or the laughter. These are times when you get to know one another on a deeper level, acquiring insights about individual personalities.

Connect with Extended Family

Why not invite the whole gang?! Let’s not forget grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins and other extended family members. Invite those that live farther away from you. A family getaway where everyone has to travel levels the playing field and is an equitable effort for everyone.

Opportunity for Forgiving & Healing

Every family has challenges between its members. These issues don’t magically go away because you are on vacation. However, being more relaxed, away from everyday life, and in a neutral environment can give people more space to find ways to connect.

Experience New Cultures

One of the best things about vacations is that you can go to different places with different cultures. Children and adults alike can learn together through trying the local cuisine, seeing other traditions and customs, and experiencing different environments. You can see people with different ways of thinking and doing things, helping everyone to be more open to other points of view. This can be a great mirror for family and/or generational differences. Traveling as a family promotes greater cultural awareness and understanding that can be shared as a group.

Enjoy Nature & Outdoors

Most of us, even children, do not get outside nearly enough. Vacations are a perfect opportunity to explore your surroundings, spend time in nature, and get some physical activity. Spending time outdoors is proven to improve overall mental health, sleep and concentration.

Consider a Family Vacation at River Winds Farm & Estate!

River Winds Farm & Estate is a 160-acre family owned and operated property featuring full accommodations, numerous indoor spaces to relax, and outdoor space to enjoy and play. Stay in our historic farmhouse, Austin House, a 8-bedroom, 4 ½ bathrooms house that sleeps 16 comfortably and features a sprawling floorplan complete with chef’s catering kitchen, large dining room, sitting rooms, screened sunroom, and indoor heated lap pool. There is plenty of room for everyone to enjoy themselves together, get some solitude indoors, or walk our several miles of groomed trails down to the Saco River.

Plan your getaway now – stay all together in one beautiful setting.