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Just Got Engaged? You Need to Do This IMMEDIATELY!

Newly engaged? Recently decided it’s time to get married? Wondering….now what? We’ve worked with a few couples around here, and have some good advice for where to start. We know first-hand that getting off on the right foot will go a long way in influencing the rest of your wedding planning experience.

Getting engaged is such a milestone celebration in your relationship and a cause for celebration. After you call all your family and friends (ok, we know, post it to your social media), there are a couple of things you need to jump on immediately so your wedding day can be everything you have been imagining.

Talk with Your Fiancé

Before you start planning, have a good, long conversation with your partner. The worst is couples who are at odds with each other over the details of their wedding. If you start off communicating openly and honestly about your individual visions and expectations, you can figure out early on what direction you are going in, and work out any differences.

Plan to have this discussion before discussing details with anyone else. You and your fiancé need to be on the same page from the outset to avoid frustration during the rest of the planning process. The key to this conversation? Answering: what do WE want?

Set a Budget

Yeah, we know, what a drag. No one likes to talk about money. AWKWARD! However, the reality is a wedding costs money. We’ve witnessed too many couples arguing over costs, and too many parents and kids fighting about spending limits, to not warn you about getting this out of the way up front.

Determining your budget will influence many factors of wedding planning. You must know your budget before you can determine your date, since you may find you need to save up some money to have the wedding you want. Finances will determine what venues are realistic to host your wedding festivities. Money will influence how big your guest list can be. Since money is one of the top issues couples fight over, don’t start this next phase of your relationship facing a conflict.

Choose a Wedding Venue

Of course we are going to put this in the top things to do immediately! But, it’s not actually as self-serving as it may seem for us to put this at the top. We are currently booking weddings two years out, and we know a lot of other venues are doing the same.

Finding your wedding venue is central to most of your wedding decisions. Finding just the right place that fits your vibe and can accommodate all your wedding needs will set the tone for the rest of your wedding, and dictate a lot of other components. If you find a venue that you love and it’s available on your date or dates, lock it down! We’ve given many an excited bridal party a tour of River Winds, only for them to hesitate and “think about it”, then find that we have booked another wedding on their date when they get back to us.

Enjoy the Moment

Lastly, don’t forget to really enjoy and be present for this stage of your life together. Don’t get caught up right away in Pinterest boards, Google searches, and debates with your mother. Take a week or two to let the news sink in, take selfies of your ring(s), have a manicure, and just enjoy being engaged!


We’re happy for you and here if we can help at all to fulfill your vision for a perfect barn wedding, outdoor wedding venue, or rustic country-chic scene to host your special day!

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