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Successful Team Building Events Begins with the Right Venue

If you are planning any team building events for your staff in 2022, don’t underestimate the importance of hosting it at the right venue. Holding a team building activity off-site is not a lot different than hosting any other event. The planning is essential and the details are crucial. But the location can make or break its success, and is a component that doesn’t always get enough attention.

There are so many ways that the location for your team building event or staff retreat impacts your event:

  • Enough space to hold everyone comfortably.
  • Adequate areas for breakout sessions or for people to work independently on exercises is very helpful.
  • Space for A/V and other presentation equipment and support (tables, projection area, electrical, lighting, sound).
  • Catering or food services and preparation/storage facilities.
  • Easy access and parking.
  • An atmosphere of safety and privacy.

What should you look for in the perfect team building venue?


Cost of venues varies considerably, but so are the amenities that venues provide for their costs. You need to plan your budget for the event, and also look at what is included or what packages the venue may offer. Venues that offer packages and/or staff to help you with program management can save you a lot of time and money in the end.

Number of Participants

The capacity of the venue you are considering obviously must hold the attendees you are expecting. You also need room for breakouts or other activities, areas for presenters to get ready, possibly areas for eating meals, and space for your own storage and preparation. A venue with ample room for everyone to prepare, participate and relax is ideal.


Would you like your event to be part getaway, getting your staff out of town for a change of scenery? Or do you want to use a nearby venue so there is no travel time or expense? Choosing a central location if you have a lot of people driving from all over can be more convenient. If you have folks coming from out of town, a venue with accommodations or nearby hotels makes sense. Once you decide on your approximate location, you can narrow down your venue options.

Format, Style or Theme

Your venue must be suitable for the activities you are planning. If you are doing a lot of physical team building activities, you need a venue with open spaces or outdoor areas. When participants will be doing a lot of writing, you want tables and comfortable areas to work. If people will be working in small groups or doing breakout sessions, you want some separate spaces for groups to spread out.

Availability & Reservations

Of course, you need a facility that works with your planned schedule. If the venue you want is not available on your target date, can you adjust the schedule on your end? Is a deposit required and what are the cancellation policies if something should go awry?

At River Winds Farm & Estate, we offer the perfect place for you to host your corporate team building, staff retreat, or business gathering. Our vast grounds and generous indoor spaces allow for any number of large group activities, separate areas for small group work and breakout sessions, as well as spaces to get cozy and meet privately. Our experienced event staff will help you determine what amenities of the Farm best suite your needs, and help you set up successful team building events for your team!