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The Big Value of Having a Day-Of Wedding Coordinator

Planning your own wedding is a great way to save some money and ensure everything is just the way you want it. But, when the big day arrives, you don’t want to be bogged down with logistics and details of the day! Wouldn’t you rather focus on enjoying the day fully? Solution: the Day-Of Wedding Coordinator.

What is a Day-of Wedding Coordinator?

A day-of wedding coordinator is a person responsible for making sure your wedding day or weekend is executed flawlessly. Their role can include set-up and decorations, overseeing vendors, managing the timeline, and handling any last-minute issues that arise during the celebration.

Unlike a Wedding Planner who assists with the planning the details, and organizing all the details of your wedding event, a Day-Of Coordinator is in charge of making sure all those plans are executed correctly throughout the real-time process of the day. They’re the point of contact for vendors, so the wedding couple are protected from all the questions and concerns as the day unfolds.

Take the worries and details of your wedding day off your shoulders by hiring a Day-Of Wedding Coordinator!

While they don’t help you with the original plan and decisions for your wedding day, a Day-Of Wedding Coordinator will make sure all your hard work and planning is accomplished to your vision. For example, they may not make the seating chart and place cards, but they will make sure everyone is seated in the proper spot. They won’t help you plan the menu, but they will make sure the caterer begins serving on time and everyone has a plate.

Day-Of Wedding Coordinator Responsibilities:

Handling Logistics

The Day-Of Wedding Coordinator’s primary job is making sure all the logistics of the wedding are handled. If there are 150 guests coming, for example, they make sure there are 150 chairs at the ceremony and reception.

Creating and Sticking to Timelines

Another one of the coordinator’s most valuable roles is creating a detailed schedule and timeline for the day and making sure everyone, from the bridal party to the event vendors, sticks to it. For example, if hair or makeup is taking longer than expected, they will step in to hurry up the process. They make sure guests are seated on time, that everyone is where they are supposed to be for photographs, and that the program for the reception is carried out correctly.

Working with Vendors

One of the biggest assets to having a Day-Of Wedding Coordinator is that they are the primary point of contact for all wedding vendors. Your Coordinator will oversee all the vendors and make sure they do their jobs according to what was contracted. All the details are fielded to the Coordinator so that the couple doesn’t have to deal with them.

Solving Problems

Without exception, once the big day arrives and begins the unfold, there are always logistical issues and questions from vendors. One of the most important jobs of the Day-Of Wedding Coordinator is putting out fires and troubleshooting problems throughout your event. It’s this person’s job to figure out what to do when problems arise (which they always do). Again, the goal is to take away all stress from the couple so you can enjoy your day fully!

Where to find a Day-Of Coordinator?

Here at River Winds Farm & Estate, one of our team members also offers Day-Of Wedding Coordinating to couples. Reach out to Sarah Chadbourne to learn how she might help you.