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Why You Should Choose a Barn Wedding Venue

Barn weddings and receptions are growing in appeal as couples realize they want a location that is as special as the event that they are hosting. Drawing together history, hand-hewn architecture, romance and charm, barns offer a unique space to host wedding events.

Barns are a flexible space that couples can make their own. A backdrop that can’t be matched by sterile event spaces. If you are ready to get away from the mauve printed wallpaper and wall-to-wall carpeting in traditional event venues, a barn wedding venue could be the perfect fit!

Here are a few more reasons why you should consider hosting your wedding at a barn:

Barns offer a ton of space.

A barn can easily be transformed for the wedding ceremony, a sit-down dinner service, casual mingling, or a generous dancing and party space. The options are endless for these large structures. Couples can truly make the space their own, and accommodate different activities. It can all happen inside, or your outdoor ceremony and pictures can culminate inside the barn for a cozy end to your wedding day.

You can reflect your own personality.

The natural wood and neutral backdrop of a barn can be paired with just about any color scheme or theme. High ceilings and beams offer prefect support for lights, flowers and other decorations. The décor can be casual, whimsical or elegant in this space you can really make your own.

Barns offer a casual, country setting with all the amenities of the best event venue.

Today’s event barns may have the charm of rural life 100 years ago, but they typically have been updated behind the scenes to accommodate modern event needs. You’ll get all the magic, while catering and bar services, entertainment and dancing, and all the necessary facilities to make your guests comfortable are available as well.

Barns are remarkably versatile – they can be rustic or luxurious – it’s up to you!

Everything can happen at one location.

With so much space, barn wedding venues have everything you need, all in one convenient location. Planning and decisions are much easier when you are only managing one location. There is no need to set up and decorate multiple settings. No worrying about the logistics of guest travel and parking. And you and your bridal party can get ready onsite. Photography can happen all in one location, making it a lot easier for your photographer to capture the best shots and light. One location for everything can make your event go much smoother.

You can have a traditional event in an untraditional setting.

For the couple looking for a unique backdrop, natural setting, or creative canvas for their wedding, a barn venue is perfect. You can still create a formal area to say your vows, toast to your future, and treat your guests to plated filet mignon dinner. Barns offer all the traditional elements in an unconventional setting.

There are endless photo opportunities!

Natural wood and light, rustic background, flowers and fields just outside. With a barn wedding, you can find so many backdrops and settings that make for beautiful, one-of-a-kind photography.

Barn weddings give your guests a truly special experience.

A wedding should also create a special experience for your guests. While most wedding celebrations are fun, a barn settings says, “we’re in for a good time!” The barn will give your guests more space to move around and mingle, and the ability to roam from indoors to outdoors. Barn venues often have other fun spaces to enjoy such as fire pits, garden paths, animals, and yard games.

River Winds Barn Experience

River Winds Farm & Estate offers endless possibilities when it comes to planning your wedding. Our barn is surrounded by 160 sprawling acres of manicured lawns and gardens, pastures and trails, and woodlands fronting the Saco River. We have on-site accommodations for your wedding party, indoor and outdoor spaces to choose from, and numerous amenities for your guests to experience.

Schedule a tour with us and come see how our barn and estate compare!