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Your Guide to Creating a Luxury Wedding

The goal of a luxury wedding is to take the traditional wedding up a notch or two, and provide an experience that makes guests feel special and celebrated. Luxury weddings have a feeling of classic style and elegance. The entire event is handled with professional, lavish, and high-quality care.

Luxury is not just about money, but about creating a stunning wedding vision and then carrying it out seamlessly.

Many assume that when we talk about a luxury wedding, the most important component is having a huge budget to pull it off. The larger the budget, the more elaborate various wedding elements can be. However, extravagance doesn’t necessarily define luxury.   

What Makes a Wedding Luxury?

There is no question that the core of a luxury wedding is quality. If you are planning a luxury wedding, your attention to detail is on every aspect of the event. From choosing the venue, to selecting the wedding attire, to the overall execution of the event. You are designing a day that is anything but ordinary.

The planning of a luxury wedding includes these essentials:

Creating Your Perfect Luxury Wedding Vision

The luxury wedding occasion is one that creates unforgettable memories through an experience that has great thought and creativity behind it. When you work with seasoned wedding professionals, you will have the support you need to create your vision and transform your wedding day into that vision.

Experienced Luxury Wedding Planner

It’s difficult to pull off a luxury wedding without utilizing the skills and experience of a wedding planner. This professional brings many benefits that actually will save you time and money. They can help with each step of the process, and their expertise will help you find the right venue and resources. Your wedding planner will coordinate the timeline, expectations, and all the vendors on your special day so everyone’s services can be delivered at the luxury standard required.

Bridal Party Attire

The gowns and tuxedos of the wedding party create one of the most essential visual elements of a luxury wedding. Attire and gowns will be quality textiles, and include special details like custom tailoring, hand-beading or other special detailing.

Perfect Luxury Venue

Of course, your venue must reflect the level of quality and excellence of a luxury wedding location. The venue should not just be beautiful, but usually offers all the amenities you need. Your venue needs to make your guests feel special and comfortable at the same time. A luxury wedding venue has experienced staff who know how to accommodate special requests, custom layouts, and other special needs.

Delectable Wedding Menu

The food and beverage choices, as well as food service, should really shine at a luxury wedding event. This is not the time for a chicken breast choice, but rather imported specialties or locally sourced cuisine. Choose the best caterer who can develop a menu that exceeds the typical wedding faire, using the highest quality ingredients.

An Incredible Wedding Cake

The typical 3-tier wedding cake is not the fit for at a luxury wedding. Consider working with a cake designer who can craft a cake to your overall wedding vision, utilizing unique flavor combinations and distinctive aesthetics. 

Set the Mood with Theme & Décor

Often a luxury wedding has a particular atmosphere that possesses simplicity and elegance. From your theme to the uplighting, to fresh, seasonal flowers and luxury décor, everything should work together effortlessly and to your overall vision.  

Enchanting Entertainment

Most luxury weddings include excellent local entertainment. Members of the local symphony or jazz ensemble as a quartet during the cocktail hour. Live music from professional musicians who can deliver elegant dance standards, as well as fun party music.

High Quality Staff & Services

The caliber of your luxury wedding staff and services is essential to the execution of your luxury wedding vision. Every person involved in your special day should be experienced, and committed to providing the best service possible for you and your guests.

A Luxury Wedding Focuses on Quality Over Quantity

At River Winds Farm & Estate, we understand that quality is more important than quantity when it comes to luxury weddings. Our experienced event staff can work with your planner and vendors, or help you directly with our resources as you plan all the luxurious elements of your wedding event.

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